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Month: October 2017

Symphonic Distribution interviews The AG Team

Symphonic Distribution interviews The AG Team

Symphonic Distribution takes careful note of American Grime’s efforts to push grime stateside. This interview dives deep into what American Grime is all about.

Grime has been lurking in the shadows of the electronic music scene in the United States for years. In the UK it has been a huge and influential part of their music culture, and is now bigger than ever. Its constant growth across the pond has lead to a few US based Grime artists and labels popping up and making some noise, most notably being American Grime. This crew has quickly proven that Grime is a movement open to MCs and producers from around the world.

We interviewed the founders of American Grime to discuss their plans for growing and becoming a part of the Grime culture.

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MC Jumanji to release new EP

MC Jumanji to release new EP

New EP by American Grime artist and co-founder Mc Jumanji featuring production by Benzmixer, Napolian, Lory Kong and Compa.

Mc Jumanji - Not Done Yet (cover art)

Coming up on his 3rd music project, this MC looks to solidify his role as a pioneer of the American Grime movement. In this release, the bass hits harder, the lyrics come faster and the undeniable American style of grime proves it’s here to stay. 

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