The American Grime Podcast 004

The American Grime Podcast 004

This week on the American grime podcast, we convert another dubstep legend to the ways of grime..  first were gonna check on the #Top8 of American Grime label co-founder, Sergio Mendes, as well as an interview with him, then we get a dutty guest mix from the sounds of the one and only Joe Nice.

This is #AmericanGrime



Sergio Mendes’ Top 8 for AG Spring 2019


Joe Nice’s Tracklist:

Sir Hiss – Electro. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 026]

Sir Hiss – Bull Frog. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 026]

Boneless – Wizzro VIP. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]

Ternion Sound – Limbo. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 024]

Bukkha – Sekkle Dub. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 025]

Ternion Sound – 5778. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 024]

Inyoka – Program VIP [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]

Boneless – Wizzro (Inyoka Remix). [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]

207 – Mad String Dub. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 027]

Ms. Bratt – Selecta (Canadian Version #2). [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats White Label 003]

Ternion Sound – Ukandu Ikandu. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 024]

207 – Sampled. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 027]    

Richie Spice – Marijuana (Canadian Version). [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats White Label 003]

Inyoka – Program (Boneless Remix) [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]    

Twitter: @joenicedj

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