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Month: February 2019

American Grime’s March Madness Tour

American Grime’s March Madness Tour

Its with love and great pride that we present American Grime’s #MarchMadnessTour with stops in NYC, Austin and Miami!!

Featuring a slew of the AG family at different stops including 3rDi, MC Jumanji, Timbo Slice, Michael Savant, Bookz, Trigon, Dos, Argyle Bixby, Gi Major and more! SXSW, WMC and MMW arent ready for this one… IT’S GONNA BE MAAAAAAAD!!!


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New American Grime Merchandise!!!

New American Grime Merchandise!!!

We got that fresh American Grime Merchandise for the new year and YOU NEED TO BE ROCKING IT! Slide into the party with a fanny pack filled with supplies. Hop into VIP wearing a new Red Light Tee. Spark it up with our new BIC Lighters. Whatever your needs, do it AG!

American Grime’s UK Radio Tour Recap

American Grime’s UK Radio Tour Recap

In Bristol, we linked with DJ Chefal and Sir Hiss for a Pirate Studios livestream that went off! We also joined the Sub.Mission and CNCPT collective gang for round 2 of their annual US/UK party at the Black Swan.

In Birmingham, we jumped into the cypher with DJ Biggoss and Free, along with a slew of talented MCs from the 0121 such as Sox, T.Roadz and Kay P. Then we hit the studio with DJ Biggz, Kupid and Tarju!

In London, we hit with rudekid, with Marcus Nasty, with General Courts, Pyro radio with Oblig, Westside Radio with Stormy, Olos and Kayo, with Tiatsim, Reprezent radio and a livestream with the Monsters Dubstep Crew! We even got to shell bars with and interview Flowdan from Spent Shell Records!




RinseFM with Marcus Nasty –

Pyro Radio with DJ Oblig –

Mode FM with Tiatsim –


For booking or further information, please email and follow our artists below.

Our vocalists in England were:
MC Jumanji (@mcjumanji) and Gi Major (@gimajormoves)

Our DJs in England were:
Timbo Slice (@theogtimboslice), 3rdi (@3rdiofficial), and Bookz (@BookzDJ)

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