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The American Grime Podcast 002

The American Grime Podcast 002

This week on the American Grime podcast, Timbo Slice pops in for a quick interview, tells us his #Top8 for Spring 2019 and drops a guest mix that’s so fire we listened on someone else’s speakers!

This is #AmericanGrime


The American Grime Podcast 001

The American Grime Podcast 001

Welcome back fans to the land of the American Grime podcast! This week, we get comfy being back on air, show off a couple of new tunes from the gang, and have a guest mix dropped by Monsters Dubstep label boss Shiverz!

This is #AmericanGrime


American Grime’s March Madness Tour

American Grime’s March Madness Tour

Its with love and great pride that we present American Grime’s #MarchMadnessTour with stops in NYC, Austin and Miami!!

Featuring a slew of the AG family at different stops including 3rDi, MC Jumanji, Timbo Slice, Michael Savant, Bookz, Trigon, Dos, Argyle Bixby, Gi Major and more! SXSW, WMC and MMW arent ready for this one… IT’S GONNA BE MAAAAAAAD!!!


March Madness alt

New American Grime Merchandise!!!

New American Grime Merchandise!!!

We got that fresh American Grime Merchandise for the new year and YOU NEED TO BE ROCKING IT! Slide into the party with a fanny pack filled with supplies. Hop into VIP wearing a new Red Light Tee. Spark it up with our new BIC Lighters. Whatever your needs, do it AG!

American Grime’s UK Radio Tour Recap

American Grime’s UK Radio Tour Recap

In Bristol, we linked with DJ Chefal and Sir Hiss for a Pirate Studios livestream that went off! We also joined the Sub.Mission and CNCPT collective gang for round 2 of their annual US/UK party at the Black Swan.

In Birmingham, we jumped into the cypher with DJ Biggoss and Free, along with a slew of talented MCs from the 0121 such as Sox, T.Roadz and Kay P. Then we hit the studio with DJ Biggz, Kupid and Tarju!

In London, we hit with rudekid, with Marcus Nasty, with General Courts, Pyro radio with Oblig, Westside Radio with Stormy, Olos and Kayo, with Tiatsim, Reprezent radio and a livestream with the Monsters Dubstep Crew! We even got to shell bars with and interview Flowdan from Spent Shell Records!




RinseFM with Marcus Nasty –

Pyro Radio with DJ Oblig –

Mode FM with Tiatsim –


For booking or further information, please email and follow our artists below.

Our vocalists in England were:
MC Jumanji (@mcjumanji) and Gi Major (@gimajormoves)

Our DJs in England were:
Timbo Slice (@theogtimboslice), 3rdi (@3rdiofficial), and Bookz (@BookzDJ)

The American Grime UK RADIO Tour

The American Grime UK RADIO Tour

American Grime is headed to the UK on an epic RADIO TOUR across some of England’s most respected airwaves. With stops at with Tiatsim, with RudeKid, with Marcus Nasty and Livestreams with SubFreq’s DJ Chefal and Monsters Dubstep’s DJ Shiverz, this trip is going to be game changing for Americans pushing grime.
With flights across the pond soon approaching, we wanted to introduce you to the team representing the USA in grime.

3rdi – New York, NY

Hailing from Queens American Grime producer, engineer and DJ, 3RDi aka Chris Homenick is an absolute powerhouse in every sense of the word. At 18 he was first introduced to the world of dance music while working at a studio owned by Neil McLellan (of Prodigy fame). Chris then submerged himself into the world of hip hop via a job at a studio owned by producer Tu Fyffe doing sound for 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Mya, Lloyd Banks, Busta Rhymes & Snoop Dogg.
After many years of Producing and DJ’ing he co-founded the group/night Earthtone with Gi Major, Aions, Oskuro and childhood friend Dutchguts (Aka Bobby Moses) specializing in Grime & Dubstep. He has since shared the stage with the likes of DJ Madd, Logan Sama, Joe Nice, Oblig, Quest, Dave Q, The Dubstuy Sound System, Anna Morgan & Kellen303. Along with the vast number of unreleased Originals, Remixes & Bootlegs he features in nearly every set he’s showcased 3RDi is currently putting the finishing touches on his first release on American Grime called “Gotham Eski” Featuring Dutchguts with remixes by Bookz & Swimwear.

Bookz – New York, NY

Bookz is an NYC-based Grime and Dubstep producer. Originally from Virginia, Bookz started his music career playing bass in Richmond’s punk rock scene. While living in Washington DC he became interested in electronic music production after hearing the pioneering sounds of Drum n Bass.

Shortly after relocating to NYC, friends introduced him to the emerging sounds of Grime and Dubstep. Its raw sound, energy and tempo drew him in and further sparked his interest in production. For him, Grime captured the raw energy of hip hop as well as the DIY attitude of punk. In 2005 he met UK producer Nato and would later cofound Grime and Dubstep label First City Records.

Bookz tunes have had support from Newham Generals’ DJ Tubby and BBC Radio 1′s Tim Westwood among others. In addition to First City Records, Bookz has released music on US based Grime labels ManVSMachine and American Grime Recordings.

Bookz currently splits the majority of his time producing and DJing as well as contributing to the DontsleepNYC blog.


Gi Major – New York, NY

As a self-proclaimed, cross-genre, alternative hip-hop artist with a UK grime influence, Gi Major is not one to be confined by genre labels.  Growing up, Gi’s parents introduced her to a diverse collection of R&B and Soul music that ignited her passion.  However, as she grew older it became apparent that Gi was drawn to any and every genre of music as long as it contained one vital element; authenticity.  As her musical taste has become more eclectic over the years, Gi has developed a distinct style that incorporates her past, present, and future. Currently stationed in Brooklyn, Gi is Co-Founder and MC for NYC-based music collective, EARTHTONE.


Specializing in grime, trap, bass music, uk garage, and break-beat, EARTHTONE is known to play as a unit.  Aions and Oskuro go b2b using both digital and vinyl formats, while Gi controls the microphone with her versatile flow.  In short, EARTHTONE has two DJ’s and one MC that perform as a live hip-hop act over UK influenced bass music. The collective seeks to bridge the gap between the roots of the US hip-hop movement and authenticity found in the UK bass and grime scene. Their well-curated event series, dynamic live act, and distinct sound, has enabled them to play in a variety of circuits, carving their own path in music.



MC Jumanji – Miami, FL

MC Jumanji has pushed his way to the front of the pack in bringing grime to America. Co-owner of the American Grime Records Label and Co-founder of the event ‘Proper’ in South Beach, Jumanji continues to do his part in uniting the stateside grime scene.

Jumanji’s resume is impressive, spanning 10 years of bass music performances and recordings. He has hosted music festivals (Moonshine Music Festival, Fractal Beach), performed at Ultra Music Festival, performed at Marley Fest and has made appearances from A3C in Atlanta, to SXSW in Austin, and Fabric in London.

He has been live and had his music played on UK radio stations like KissFM,, and to name a few. His collaborative songs with Foreign Beggars, Benzmixer, Shiverz, 12th Planet, Cotti and more, have laid the path to success for the Miami MC.

With growing support from the likes of UK legends such as recording artists Foreign Beggars, grime videographer RiskyRoadz, Grime Report owner Lordie, and American powerhouse Sub.mission, Jumanji has accelerated his push of the genre, organizing his label’s several instrumental EPs comprised of Canadian and American producers with the help of American Grime Records co-owner, Sergio Mendes.

Now, fresh off of collab projects with Dayzero, SpaceJail, Grim Sickers, Shogun and Ransom of Scotland and Abstrakt Sonance, Jumanji takes aim at 2019 with a ferocious intensity that’s only matched by his accomplishments.



Timbo Slice – Boston, MA 

Anyone who doubts the value of hard work and dedication needs to take a look at one of our touring DJ’s, Timbo Slice, the poster-boy for putting in work and getting shit done. He may not have the same amount of time under his belt that most DJ’s do at the level he is at, or the resume, but what he has accomplished in his time behind the decks is nothing short of impressive.
One of the founding members of New England collaborative, Dark City Bass, Timbo Slice brings a raw energy to the show that is hard to put into words. He mixes with precision and selects both classics, dubplates, and current heaters like its second nature, because it is, and he knows his history. Timbo Slice, aka Timmy, has shared a stage and gone back to back with trailblazers like N Type, Compa, Foreign Beggars and Faze Miyake, and put a beating on the Viceland bus at SXSW with the crew this past year. Expect big things from the one and only Timbo Slice, he truly is a man on a mission. 
Motus & Wraz – American Grime’s 2K FB Fans [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Motus & Wraz – American Grime’s 2K FB Fans [FREE DOWNLOAD]

To celebrate reaching 2,000 FB followers, we decided to give you guys a tune by our northern brothers Motus & Wraz! This FREE DOWNLOAD also includes a remix by PANDA! Hear it now on the soundcloud link below, or download from the following links.

Keep following us for more American Grime.

Motus & Wraz – Old School – DOWNLOAD NOW
Motus & Wraz – Old School (Panda Remix) – DOWNLOAD NOW

BLOG: AG & Emalkay at Art Basel

BLOG: AG & Emalkay at Art Basel

1306 is a venue with a storied past. Once called EVE (and before that, the White Room) 1306 has housed events with famed DJs like Bassnectar, Hatcha, Truth, Skream and more. It was at this Miami staple that American Grime opened for EMALKAY.

The formal members of the AG tour group, Timbo Slice, Michael Savant and MC Jumanji, were joined by Miami AG member DOS and London’s Rinse.FM resident DJ Oblig. Together, the 3 DJ combo, hyped with intense lyricism from Jumanji and Dos, set the energy meter to new levels. Each DJ slung their newest and heaviest bangers which got shredded by the back and forth momentum of MCs.

When the set began, the crowd was taken aback. The familiar call rang through the venue.. “Miami! Are we in the building?” The crowd reacted with loud shouts and gunfingers as the bass rolled in for the next 60 minutes. Even Emalkay stood by stageside, swaying to the beat selection and taking note of the high energy performance.

“I quite enjoyed that… You’re all cunts because that’s a hard act to follow,” Emalkay said of the American Grime set.

But follow he did. Emalkay burst through the vibes with an incredible amount of hard hitting tunes mixed with ease. The crowd was loving every second of it. The harder he played, the harder the fanbase danced. VIPs and refixes were layered and truly Miami got to witness the power of a great performance.

Shout out to all of the other performers who supported the night including Ajna, NWP, Salem Moon, RAW, Qozmocat and Phatfunk. And a huge shout to Team Underground for hosting an Art Basel Bass party for the books!

American Grime at Art Basel 2018!

American Grime at Art Basel 2018!

Art Basel is one of the premiere Art conferences in the world and it takes place right here in MIAMI! American Grime is taking part in several events and we want you locked in as we take over 2018!

Click Below images to RSVP or Purchase Tickets



DEC 8, 2018 – 12pm to 2pm
Descent Livestream featuring American Grime


DEC 8, 2018 – 2pm to 8pm
Sierato Presents: Art Basel Day Party Mixer

A special pop-up with artist SIERATO in Wynwood
During Miami Art Week celebrating sneaker and streetwear culture!
2020 NW Miami Ct • Miami, Florida 33217


DEC 8, 2018 – 9pm to 5am
Emalkay (Art Basel Warehouse Party)

18 to enter, 21+ to drink
99 NW 166th St • Miami, Florida 33169

Proper XXI with Max y Maximo!

Proper XXI with Max y Maximo!

American Grime Presents
PROPER XX – Max Y Maximo
December 21, 2018

The only monthly bass party you should care about… PROPER.

The premiere mixed genre party of Miami, blending the sounds of Dubstep, Reggae, Bashment, HipHop, Grime, Dnb, Deep house and more.

with live performance by:

Max Y Maximo

and support from:

Eridani Sound

Hosted by DOS and MC Jumanji

9pm to 5am

2-for-1 Drinks 8pm-10pm
21+ to Drink

Kill Your Idol
222 Espanola Way
Miami Beach, FL