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TOP 10 (Spring 2018): Michael Savant

TOP 10 (Spring 2018): Michael Savant

AG Massive! Im Michael Savant, one of the touring resident DJ’s for American Grime and this is my top 10 for Spring 2018. I Included some Instrumentals as well as some vocal tracks and a couple forthcoming so check the links if you are feeling any of them and be sure to pre-order or follow the artists on Bandcamp and Soundcloud for release info. Here they are in no particular order:


1. Aerotonin – Spin (9TRANE Instrumental Remix) 

This DJ/Producer out of Norwich, UK has been flexing on some serious business lately. You might have heard Appletize out on 1Forty via the Marcus Nasty show on Rinse FM or his collab with KXVU, if not head to his soundcloud and check them both out! This one came from the man himself, not sure on a release but I am sure that there isnt a grime mc out there that wont want to spit bars over this beast. 

2. Dubzta Ft. Nico Lindsay – Life Aint That Fair

Out this month on Project Allout this AG favorite, Dubzta, is dropping 11 Instrumentals and 5 original vocal tracks on one full length featuring artists like Devilman, Mayhem, Syer B, Nico Lindsay, Vader, Deadly and Villain. This one mean mugs though, late night cruising, real ass lyrical styling, definitely a standout on the album.

3. Maxsta x Inch – Guns and Roses
Track –


You may know Maxsta from “East London is Back” off of his mixtape, the Maxtape. This dude doesnt hold back, reps hard and isnt afraid of sticking his neck out with his lyrics. 

4. Jakebob – Defiant Majin But Better

MC, DJ, and Producer Jakebob made this, amongst 6 other dubs for Beat Boss 7 and earned himself a place in the finals. This one really stood out for me and will definitely have a place in our sets this summer. This and the other 5 are up on the Grime Disciple soundcloud as free downloads courtesy of the man himself. 

5. Blvck Covvboys – Orange Sky

Out on Low Tide Recordings, out of New England, I admittedly dont know shit about these dudes, or the label. The track has yet to break 100 plays on soundcloud, which is absurd because it bangs, and I hadnt heard of the label until just recently and they are based a mere state away from me. I guess we will leave this as a track and label I hope to learn more about and work with in the future. 

6. Fumin – I Want In

Out last month and produced by Teddy Music, Fumin shells on this one. His flow is raw and the beat is fucking wicked. Feel free to pull this one back all damn summer. 

7. Riko Dan – Hard Food

This beat goes hard, no surprise being that it was produced by Joker, Riko Dan goes in, no surprise because its fucking Riko Dan. The whole EP is absurd, but this is the one I have had in rotation the past couple of weeks. Dont sleep on the rest of it though, Mumdance makes an appearance as well as Pinch, Ziro and Walton on the buttons making this one of my top releases for spring.

8. GHSTLY XXVII – Kill Confirmed

Pronounced Ghostly 27 this is his first release Flowdans label, Spentshell and part of a full length entitled Guerrilla Tactics. This was the standout track for me but definitely not the only shutdown on the album. ‘Start It’ featuring Riko and PK go off too, don’t sleep on this one. 

9. Coco – Gimme The Mic

Out last month on Steeze, Coco lets you know exactly what kind of mc he is on this one, “a full time not a sometimes mc”. I dont know a single MC that isnt about this mans flow, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Reminiscent of some old BBK shit the bubbling bassline and almost two step inducing drums move you around, no question. 

10. Rapture 4D – Black Circles

Up now as a free download on Grime Disciple II this track goes the fuck in. This is a screw-face banger and if you dont give it a reload you have no business in the dance, period. I said no particular order but really, I saved this one for last because its just that good.

TOP 10 (Spring 2018): Timbo Slice

TOP 10 (Spring 2018): Timbo Slice

Yo whattup y’all my names Timboslice. I’m a resident DJ for American Grime and a pioneer of the grime movement here in the United States. These are my top 10 tracks of spring 2018! 


1. Mez – Angles
Hard vocals with a tough bassline produced by Lewi B.

2. Riko Dan – Krueger (Trends and Boylan)
Dark lyrics that make you feel like your living a real life nightmare. Top notch production from Boylan and Trends.

3. Joker – Anamorphic
What else is there to say. Synth design that’s second to none, another banger from the OG himself.

4. Dubzta – Puzzle
Hard hitting 808 bassline with an upbeat drum pattern to compliment it.

5. Prez T – Walk in the Room ft. D Double E
Top notch lyricism from two dons in the game. Prez T’s “stranger returns” album is an absolute smash.

6. Talisman – Modelle and Lemzly Dale
Tough deep bass combined with dark synths make you feel like you might be lost inside of a haunted house….

7. YGG – Strikers
Young Grime Gods finally with an official release of their notorious anthem that’s been making the rounds through the grime scene.

8. Owly beats – Murder
One of the big up and comers on Slimzos recordings, Owly beats delivers another dark deep tune that deserves someone to spray bars upon.

9. Jabz – I Shell
Off of his debut album “Durashells” Jabz delivers a lesson in lyricism over a very trap heavy beat.

10. Boylan and Slimzee – No Cure
Long, tough, hard hitting bass that bring the perfect energy to open a set with.

Joe Nice in Miami TONIGHT!!

Joe Nice in Miami TONIGHT!!


This is the1 year anniversary of our monthly bass party PROPER. It has become the premiere mixed genre party of Miami, blending the sounds of Dubstep, Grime, Dnb, Deep house and more.

And now we bring you JOE NICE! The Ambassador of American Dubstep doing an ALL VINYL set for the MMW masses!!

This is Proper XII!!

March 22,2018
Kill Your Idol
222 Espanola Way
South Beach Miami


Joe Nice (ALL VINYL set)
The Ambassador of American Dubstep

With DJs:
The Reaver
DB Cooper

with MCs:
Argyle Bixby

No Cover all night, 21+ to enter

AG announces The Run Up Tour

AG announces The Run Up Tour

The American Grime team is back from the UK and fresh off of their Fractal Beach Music Festival performance. Now, they set their sights on the east coast as they gear up for The Run Up Tour, with MC Jumanji, Timbo Slice and Michael Savant.


American Grime headed to the UK!

American Grime headed to the UK!

The American Grime team is headed to the UK to perform at a couple of events and hit several radio shows as they move throughout the country. Check out their first event in Bristol!

Sub.Mission x CNCPT Collective – Click here to RSVP!

Sub.mission X CNCPT Collective do we need to say anymore? This is one for the history books. Sub.missions first UK show! This event is going to be something special for sure and we have tried to bring you a selection of some of the best in the scene old and new!

***Full Line Up***
Main Room – Powered by Void Acoustics (Retox Sound System)
Bukez Finezt
COTTI – STN b2b Cluekid
Chonk Mob Featuring:
(Sepia, Chokez, Samba, Rygby & Koma)

Hosted by SGT Pokes

The Greys B2B Chad Dubz B2B Glume

Corridor – Method Twenty Four Takeover
Mystic State
Opus. B2B Six Sunsets
Third Degree

Tickets:£8 SOLD OUT/£10 SOLD OUT /£12 or MOTD

MC Jumanji featured in Foreign Beggars ‘TOAST VIP’ official video

MC Jumanji featured in Foreign Beggars ‘TOAST VIP’ official video

From East, Foreign Beggars have built a reputation of hard lyricism that has spanned over a decade. Now, on the verge of releasing their newest project in February, they give you a sampling of whats to come..

Featuring a slew of artists from all over the globe, including Trinidad and Miami USA, this remix to their single TOAST is sure to get you hyped up.

‘Toast VIP’ ft. Alix Perez, Sparkz, Truthos, Physiks, Illaman, Mad Hed City, Killa P, Marger, Jumanji

To purchase Foreign Beggars’ 3-track TOAST REMIXES album, CLICK HERE!