#YaGetMe Interview Series – OmniBud (Baltimore, MD)

Welcome to #YaGetMe – a dive into the American Grime Scene to get to know the artists who continue to push their passion and their sound.

Whoaaaa! Representing the nefarious Bodymore, Murdaland, we meet a DJ/Producer who’s live sets have landed him in front of grime heavyweights like Spooky, Preditah and more. A part of the DC/Baltimore outfit known as the UKG Social, and a major force rising in the stateside grime movement…

This is Omnibud.

Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m Gene McGill aka DJ Omnibud from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a DJ and producer for UKG Social.

Since you’ve been in music, who have been your major influences?

I played saxophone for 20 years so jazz music is big. Early 90’s hip hop , Miami Bass and Baltimore Club music. Also Stevie Wonder, Sticky, Wookie and MJ Cole.

Link me to your Top 3 Favorite songs right now.

Raider – Oats and Egg Whites

Dunkee – Level Up

Swifta Beater – Choir Gang (Familar Face Remix) 

What does American Grime mean to you?

American Grime means exposure for American artists representing the grime sound.

What American Grime artists (producer or mc) do you like?

Starkey, College Hill, Dev79, Korin Complex, DJ Oblig, MC Twisty

Favorite toppings on a pizza?

Green Peppers, Sausage

Any shout outs?

The UKG Social, MC Twisty, the DMV music scene, Oh My Grime, 2-step Tuesdays, rwd.fm, transit.fm.

Find more on Omnibud at the following:




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