#YaGetMe Interview Series – Werd2Jah (New Orleans, LA)

Welcome to #YaGetMe – a dive into the American Grime Scene to get to know the artists who continue to push their passion and their sound.

Dread style is nothing to play with. You must possess the dread vibe, the dread tongue and the dread soul. In New Orleans, the bass scene is blessed by a true Dread don. Having vocalled tunes and shows alike, this man’s talents are undeniable. This is an introduction to an MC who answers to no one but the man above ..

This is Werd2Jah.

Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Andrew, also known as Werd2jaH, emcee, host and vocalist. Currently residing in New Orleans Louisiana, repping Versed Records, and the CHURCH* crew. 

Since you’ve been in music, who have been your major influences?

My influences in music has primarily been the old school stage show and early dancehall deejays, Reagan, Little Jon, Supercat, Yellowman, Cutty Ranks, Buro Banton, John Wayne, Nicodemus, rapper Robert, and so on. 

Link me to your Top 3 Favorite songs right now.

Hatcha & Kromestar – Minimum 

RekChampa – Rollers

Caribou – Odessa

What does American Grime mean to you?

It’s the culture and movement that is the U.K. Grime sound but with an american flavor and twist to it. American producers, DJ’s and mc’s who have had a deep love and appreciation for the grime scene and are putting in an effort to expand and spread the sound and culture further. 

What American Grime artists (producer or mc) do you like?

Gotta give it up to Argyle and Jumanji, emcees holding it down lyrically on them higher bpms. 

Favorite toppings on a pizza?

Pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, anchovies, and absolutely no pineapples haha

Any shout outs?

Out to all my friends and family who have continually supported me throughout the years. Special shouts to the Nola CHURCH* fam, Blaise b, dat bizness, dirty crew, lazer , nome, quickie mart, unicorn fukr, all the labels and producers and DJ’s who have reached out and collaborated and release my music. 

Find more on Werd2Jah at the following:




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