Must Watch Movies: Kidulthood

Every now and then, a film stands out for a generation. It sets a tone, one that transcends a nationality, and instead begs to the human experience in us all. Those films grip you. They hijack your memories and tie themselves to your emotions. They stay with you.

For me, that movie is Kidulthood. Written by Noel Clarke and set in London’s urban sprawl, this coming of age tale is raw and real. What happens when youths are exposed to adult behavior? This intense character drama revolves around several themes: the broken love story between a popular teenager named Trevor and his now pregnant ex-girlfriend, the brotherhood between friends, confronting bullies and unfair odds, and an early tragedy that sets the storyline into a spiral that continues throughout the next 2 movies.

This film is heavily laced with UK slang and grime music.  The cuts are exciting and the backdrop is constantly shifting from one inner-city location to the next. The acting is relatable. Natural. The pacing of the movie is fast and upbeat and the storyline keeps you strapped in from start to finish.

From an American perspective, Kidulthood gives the outsider an insider’s point-of-view. Its intimate portrayals of London living splashes us into a culture not our own. With it, we learn the lessons of life in the ends. Where small problems escalate into big ones. Where at times, everyone feels trapped. Where any way out is the best way out.

I give this movie a 9/10 and highly recommend you watch this one as soon as you can.


  • Written by Calvin Cyrus



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