The American Grime Podcast 004

This week on the American grime podcast, we convert another dubstep legend to the ways of grime..  first were gonna check on the #Top8 of American Grime label co-founder, Sergio Mendes, as well as an interview with him, then we get a dutty guest mix from the sounds of the one and only Joe Nice.

This is #AmericanGrime



Sergio Mendes’ Top 8 for AG Spring 2019


Joe Nice’s Tracklist:

Sir Hiss – Electro. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 026]

Sir Hiss – Bull Frog. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 026]

Boneless – Wizzro VIP. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]

Ternion Sound – Limbo. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 024]

Bukkha – Sekkle Dub. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 025]

Ternion Sound – 5778. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 024]

Inyoka – Program VIP [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]

Boneless – Wizzro (Inyoka Remix). [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]

207 – Mad String Dub. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 027]

Ms. Bratt – Selecta (Canadian Version #2). [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats White Label 003]

Ternion Sound – Ukandu Ikandu. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 024]

207 – Sampled. [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 027]    

Richie Spice – Marijuana (Canadian Version). [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats White Label 003]

Inyoka – Program (Boneless Remix) [Forthcoming Gourmetbeats 023]    

Twitter: @joenicedj



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