TOP 10 (Spring 2018): Timbo Slice

Yo whattup y’all my names Timboslice. I’m a resident DJ for American Grime and a pioneer of the grime movement here in the United States. These are my top 10 tracks of spring 2018! 


1. Mez – Angles
Hard vocals with a tough bassline produced by Lewi B.

2. Riko Dan – Krueger (Trends and Boylan)
Dark lyrics that make you feel like your living a real life nightmare. Top notch production from Boylan and Trends.

3. Joker – Anamorphic
What else is there to say. Synth design that’s second to none, another banger from the OG himself.

4. Dubzta – Puzzle
Hard hitting 808 bassline with an upbeat drum pattern to compliment it.

5. Prez T – Walk in the Room ft. D Double E
Top notch lyricism from two dons in the game. Prez T’s “stranger returns” album is an absolute smash.

6. Talisman – Modelle and Lemzly Dale
Tough deep bass combined with dark synths make you feel like you might be lost inside of a haunted house….

7. YGG – Strikers
Young Grime Gods finally with an official release of their notorious anthem that’s been making the rounds through the grime scene.

8. Owly beats – Murder
One of the big up and comers on Slimzos recordings, Owly beats delivers another dark deep tune that deserves someone to spray bars upon.

9. Jabz – I Shell
Off of his debut album “Durashells” Jabz delivers a lesson in lyricism over a very trap heavy beat.

10. Boylan and Slimzee – No Cure
Long, tough, hard hitting bass that bring the perfect energy to open a set with.



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