#YaGetMe Interview Series – Crowell (Charlotte, NC)

Welcome to #YaGetMe – a dive into the American Grime Scene to get to know the artists who continue to push their passion and their sound.

Although he’s from Charlotte, NC, you’re less likely to find him there than any new destination on the horizon for this rising star. Australia, Amsterdam, Chicago, Miami, Denver… this DJ/Producer is seriously on the move. Playing show to show, it’s a wonder how he ever has time to sit and make BANGERS,  but he does. Representing the best in Dubstep, he now turns his sights on grime.

This is Crowell.

Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what you do.

Well my name is Emmanuel, aka Crowell and I’m an MC, Producer and DJ all wrapped in one.  Lowr Levls Is my crew and family.

Since you’ve been in music, who have been your major influences?

Most of my major influences are the people I call friends.  Some producers like Bukez Finezt, Gentlemens Club, and A3 helped shape the sound I have now.

Link me to your Top 3 Favorite songs right now.

Tre Mission – On Road

Shxdow – Blxck Genie (Rapture’s 4th Dimensional Flip)

Capo Lee Ft D Double E – Mud (Prod Sir Spyro)

What does American Grime mean to you?

American Grime to me is a new movement of MCs and Producers that the UK should be on the lookout for.  I feel like America is the perfect place for grime to expand, a lot of grime gets dropped all over the states just people don’t know the tunes or artists. Grime in America was bound to happen.

What American Grime artists (producer or mc) do you like?

John Brown the Rebel(Producer)

Favorite toppings on a pizza?

Buffalo Chicken and Pepperoni

Any shout outs?

Shout out the Lowr Levls mandem, Nottingham Crew 1 2, 193 Records, and all the fans supporting on the daily.


Check out a recent mix by Crowell:

Find more on Crowell at the following:






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