#YaGetMe Interview Series – Dev79 (Philadelphia, PA)

Welcome to #YaGetMe – a dive into the American Grime Scene to get to know the artists who continue to push their passion and their sound.

This time, we hit Philly again to catch up with a DJ/Producer that thrives behind one of several midi controllers or behind the decks. No stranger to the business side of things, this savant cofounded labels Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey Records with long time partner Starkey. With a slew of releases under his belt and a pension for bass…

This is Dev79.

Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what you do.

7Nine. I smash and I bang.

Since you’ve been in music, who have been your major influences?

Really I’d say that life and interactions are my biggest influence. Experiences and emotions are the linchpin to creating music and art.

Link me to your Top 3 Favorite songs right now.

Massappeals & Snowy – Do / Donts

JT The Goon – Flux Capacitor

Foxsky – Puppy Parade

What does American Grime mean to you?

Hmmm to me its just another expansion of the grime sound. Grime is inherently UK music but without the world embracing it on a larger scale it wouldn’t be able to grow and flourish and of course we all want it to grow and flourish.

What American Grime artists (producer or mc) do you like?

Starkey, College Hill, MC Twisty, Korma, MC Jumanji, El Carnicero, Tiimbs, Letta, to name a few.

Favorite toppings on a pizza?

I’m bout that turkey sausage & arugula.

Any shout outs?

Big up purple kush, taco Tuesdays and all the underground music fans that support adventurous artists carving their own paths.


Check out a recent mix by Dev79:


Find more on Dev79 at the following:




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