#YaGetMe Interview Series – Hoodzpah (Santa Barbara, CA)

Welcome to #YaGetMe – a dive into the American Grime Scene to get to know the artists who continue to push their passion and their sound.

In our second installment, we visit an MC with a message and a drive to bring the UK sound stateside. After releasing his song Election Season, he sat down with us for a quick session.

This is Hoodzpah.

Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m Hoodzpah, a grime MC out of Santa Barbara, CA. Resident MC & DJ for Santa Babylon Soundsystem.

Since you’ve been in music, who have been your major influences?

Wu-Tang, MC Kemst, Mary Anne Hobbs, Tré Mission.

Link me to your Top 3 Favorite songs right now.

Avelino – On a Roll

Kamakaze – Justice

Ghost & Yus – B4TR

What does American Grime mean to you?

Authentic representation of the UK sound, with our own stateside flavor.

What American Grime artists (producer or mc) do you like?

Starkey, El Carnicero, Dev79 [Slit Jockey Records], Matt Shadetek. I know Tré Mission is Canadian, but he really showed that the transatlantic accent is nothing long if you got skill… Now he’s running game in the UK.

Favorite toppings on a pizza?

Pepperoni x Jalapeño

Any shout outs?

El Carnicero, ERS-1, Rik Abel, Simbad Fresh.


Check out Hoodzpah’s new song:

You can download his debut mixtape at https://hoodzpah.bandcamp.com

Or check out https://soundcloud.com/hoodzpah for his latest music.

@Hoodzpah: Twitter~Instagram~Soundcloud~Facebook




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